vPywD TIL Astronomer Pierre Janssen was he first to regularly use photographs to study the Sun. In 1903 he published his great "Atlas de photographies solaires", containing more than 6,000 solar pictures
DQYOJ TIL Geese are the oldest known domesticated bird species
m1NGM TIL, the color, magenta, is a fabrication of human psychology.
yVkXa TIL Doritos from Mexico taste different than Doritos from the United States.
ANQRB TIL chocolate maker Lindt has sued companies that make gold-foiled chocolate bunnies for trademark infringement
QNk7p TIL Cadbury Flake chocolate doesn't melt even if placed in a microwave
b6gDN TIL Blaine, Washington's slogan is “Where America Begins” because of its northwest location on the US-Canadian border. Blaine once had the world’s largest salmon cannery located on a spit and it is now a resort complex
LQNrZ TIL a group chemical compounds are named after Keanu Reeves, as they are comparable to his lethality in his film roles
grZ04 TIL that tularemia is an infectious disease that can be contracted by “inhaling particles from an infected rabbit ground up [by] a lawnmower”.
0dp0j TIL In 2012, a solar Coronal Mass Ejection that might have taken the world 4 to 10 years to recover from missed Earth by about 9 days
j6JGv TIL there's a monument in Kissimmee, Florida composed of 1,500 objects from all over the world, including the artist's remains
M7NBW TIL that Bell Labs, a research company that has contributed to many significant inventions, including transistors, lasers and solar cells, and whose work has been awared nine Nobel Prizes, is currently owned by Nokia