rN7v0 TIL Carly Simon is an heiress of Simon & Schuster
BgBkb TIL the "Perhapsatron" was an early Fusion Power device developed in Los Alamos that no one was sure would work, hence calling it "perhaps-a-tron"
Y7v5W TIL Ulysses S. Grant, who was running for a third term in 1880, led on 35 ballots for the nomination. It wasn't until James G. Blaine and John Sherman shifted their supporters toward James A. Garfield that Grant subsequently lost on the 36th ballot.
Egkap TIL: Presidents elected in years divisible by 20 have died in office or faced an assassination attempt
kJlKg TIL Johnny Depp cut off the tip of his own finger.
78wXx TIL that Connecticut banned the use of any contraception for married couples until 1965
Zpv6o TIL that, during a battle in the French and Indian War, George Washington survived having had two horses shot from under him and four bullets piercing his coat.
a8Wlb TIL In 1963 Sean Connery, filming From Russia with Love in Italy, played roullete at the casino in Saint-Vincent. He won the equivalent of $200,000 after betting on 17, 3 times consecutively. Odds being 1:50653
KYvpa TIL in a family with twelve children, six of the boys were diagnosed with schizophrenia and were later found to possess a genetic mutation that is so vital to brain function that it could help researchers understand how schizophrenia works.
dD6BB TIL that Abraham Lincoln founded the US Secret Service hours before being assassinated
oRYGE TIL that babies don’t have knee caps and they don’t fully develop until around 10 years
16x9d TIL That Spider-Man (2002) had footage made just for the trailer that involved escaping bank robbers in a helicopter getting caught in a giant web between the Twin Towers. However after 9/11, the studio pulled it from theaters.