OG6yY TIL that in 1985, a Yugoslavian farmer had a bottle inserted in his anus which broke and blamed it on two men of a minority group which gaine widespread coverage. Despite later testimony revealing that the wound was self-inflicted, the incident played a role in the future breakup of Yugoslavia.
X0m6D TIL: Mistletoe, commonly seen during Christmas with people kissing under it, is a parasitic plant that kills trees and produces poisonous berries.
VBlRk TIL of Francis Bowes Sayre Jr., grandson of U.S. president Woodrow Wilson. Unlike his grandfather, who authorized and imposed widespread federal segregation, Francis was a fierce opponent of segregation, going so far as to march alongisde Martin Luther King Jr. from Selma to Montgomery.
epmaD TIL while filming the scene in 1983’s “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie is dressed as a sheriff, a prop man gave actor Peter Billingsley real Red Man chewing tobacco. Peter, who was 12, didn’t know the difference and ingested it. Production then had to be shut down until Billingsley recovered.
x6byk TIL that Apollo 8 astronauts Jim Lovell and William Anders are the earliest living recipients of Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" award, having been selected by the magazine for its 1968 issue
4kvRN TIL Coca-Cola’s slogan is “Real Magic.” Coke’s slogan has changed several times over the history of the company.
nWJEr TIL that the term “gaslighting” comes from a 1938 thriller play called Gas Light, set in 1880s London, in which a husband tries to convince his wife she’s insane.
9w4V6 TIL France had it's own version of the world wide web with millions of users before it took off in America
W7Nw9 TIL of miasma theory, an abandoned medical theory, that held that that diseases such as cholera were caused by “bad air”. Some academics suggested the theory extended to other conditions as well, such as becoming obese by inhaling the odor of food.
R5V4l TIL that Disney World executives used to have themed parties known as “The Last Days of the Raj” where they would recreate and celebrate the days of British Colonialism. This later became the inspiration for the Disney “Adventurers Club”
wodZE TIL In 1958, a woman who had a 34in bust and a 25in waist was considered a Size 12. In 2015, a Size 12 meant a 39in bust and a 32in waist.
69v67 TIL Keith Moon and Mama Cass died in the same bed room at the same age. (At different times obviously)