OGZO6 TIL that Winston Churchill wrote an essay before WW2 about extraterrestrial life, and travelling to the Moon.
X0ZB6 TIL that a film adaptation of Roald Dahl's The Twits has been in development since 2003 and is scheduled to release in 2025.
VBQNQ TIL after 9/11, Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia) sent an internal memo to program directors containing "lyrically questionable" songs they suggested should be avoided. It included "What A Wonderful World", "New York, New York", and Rage Against the Machine's entire discography.
epP5k TIL about the Returning soldier effect: a phenomenon which suggests that more boys are born during and immediately after wars.
x68m7 TIL:Japan's population has decreased by more than 4 million people from its peak (2010:128.06million > 2024: 123.99 million)
4kBPo TIL that the longest traffic jam was 12 days long and stretched over 60 miles in China. Locals took advantage of stranded drivers and sold goods at highly inflated prices.
nW9DB TIL that the reason older Disney characters don't have five fingers isn't to prevent giving the middle finger, but to make it smaller.
9wWB7 TIL of Formula Easter, a Formula One-type racing series created specifically for drivers/constructors from the communist bloc
W71rd TIL that the 29 February leap day is also called Bachelor's Day, where women can propose marriage to men. It once had legal basis in Scotland, England, and also a strong tradition in Ireland.
R5oe9 TIL The Confederation Bridge, the longest ice-covered water crossing bridge in the world spans a 12.9 km
woPD6 TIL: Medieval cuisine had class constraints as it was believed that nobles had a more refined digestive system and therefore required finer food than peasants who could make do with bread and beans. Few cookbooks were made as most can't read, but the ones that did didn't specify temperature or time.
694lm TIL senior cats can develop cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS). CDS is often referred to as cat or feline dementia.