GAVK4 TIL that Rose's hometown from the Golden Girls, St. Olaf, is a real place, named after Norwegian king Olaf II. It's not as weird as she made it out to be, though.
pYmNQ TIL that seasons in the Northern Hemisphere don’t start on the first day of the month
J18KV TIL: the 1/4" jack or the 'guitar cord jack' is the oldest connector-type still used. It was the standard for the original phone switchboards.
vPEbx TIL The video game Dumb Ways to Die was based off of a Metro Train PSA of the same name
DQ5Kr TIL that r*pe fantasies are actually quite normal amongst women, and around 31-51% have them. 9-17% say it's their favorite fantasy.
m1JPo TIL that in a 2014 poll, U.S. southerners were evenly split on whether Kentucky was a southern state.
yVvAp TIL: White People are 70 times more likely to develop skin cancer than Black People
ANWKn TIL The first ever "music video" was made in 1895 to test Thomas Edison's Kinetophone
QNQR6 Til that my 3 year old could’ve killed me after kicking me in the chest hard with his baby foot
b6Y4a TIL that Americans spell judgement without the e (judgment)
LQpx9 TIL the Canadian tuxedo refers to a denim double breasted jacket and matching jeans created by Levi's for Bing Crosby. Levi's was inspired in 1951 when Crosby was nearly escorted off a hotel's premises during a hunting trip in Canada because he and his hunting buddies were wearing denim
grdwy TIL: There’s an antenna in Washington that’s 10 miles long. The Jim Creek Naval Radio Station has 10 mile+ long cables zig zagging between two mountains. It would be used in the event of nuclear war