yV8gw TIL Mary de Bohun was a 14th Century English heiress. To protect an inheritance, her brother-in-law tried to make her a nun. Instead, in a secret plot, she married the future King Henry IV at age 11 and gave birth to six children. She died in childbirth at age 26.
ANA14 TIL "Chief Heat Officer" is a thing now
QN0oE TIL Two states (New York and Massachusetts) have no time limit for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program
b6eQ9 TIL that Emperor Hirohito, the leader of Japan during WW2, was an avid marine biologist credited with describing dozens of new species of crabs, starfish, sea spiders and sea squirts.
LQ07Q TIL that Studebaker made the world's "largest living advertisement" in 1938 by planting 8k pine trees to spell "STUDEBAKER" if viewed from the sky. Even though Studebaker has been gone for over 50 years, their pine tree logo lives on and is in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
gr1QW TIL The maximum magnification of high-performance compound light microscope is 1000x but 2000x is the high end of the performance spectrum
0dWoN TIL: An octopus has blue blood and three hearts
j6rQM TIL that there is virtually no difference between prescription antibiotics and OTC antibiotics for fish, the 2 can be used interchangeably in cases of emergency (please do not think that this is a good idea to do as misuse of antibiotics is the reason we're facing antibiotic resistant bacteria)
M70ZV TIL of Wendy Carlos, who helped invent the Moog synthesizer and the first transgender person to receive a Grammy for her 1968 album Switched-On Bach (she won a total of 3 Grammys for this album).
5VXvQ TIL that, despite there having been nearly 20,000 Major League Baseball players over 150 years, the number 89 was not worn until 2020
x6vQk TIL Americans are twice as likely to kill themselves than be killed by another person
4kOJN TIL if you stacked the wealthiest individual on the planet’s money, in $100 bills, it would extend past the Earths atmosphere.