l7MEN TIL that Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon, once said that his creation was inspired by his childhood hobby - collecting insects. He hopes to create a similar experience where players can collect, grow and exchange their own virtual creatures.
8exXK TIL Phil Collins became an 'honorary Texan’ after donating over 200 artifacts to The Alamo. Collins has actually written a book on The Alamo as well.
P1Obn TIL a New Zealand woman was detained in Kazakhstan because they did not believe New Zealand was a real country. When they asked her to show the country on a map, their map did not include New Zealand.
epmak TIL Due to consistent rock falls, Reunion Island (Fr) has created the most expensive road in the World. It has been valued at 1.6 billion euros for 12.5 km. That is 133 million Euros per kilometer. The ring road is built in the ocean to avoid the rocks.
VBlRQ TIL the "earworm" phenomenon (having a song stuck in your head in a loop) can occur due to the brain’s attempt to fill a gap in the auditory cortex
X0m66 TIL Boyz II Men won't speak to founding member Michael McCary who has multiple sclerosis.
OG6y6 TIL only 17% of the global population lives in “fully developed” countries (HDI > 0.8)
R5V4l TIL that Disney World executives used to have themed parties known as “The Last Days of the Raj” where they would recreate and celebrate the days of British Colonialism. This later became the inspiration for the Disney “Adventurers Club”
wodZE TIL In 1958, a woman who had a 34in bust and a 25in waist was considered a Size 12. In 2015, a Size 12 meant a 39in bust and a 32in waist.
69v67 TIL Keith Moon and Mama Cass died in the same bed room at the same age. (At different times obviously)
x6byk TIL that Apollo 8 astronauts Jim Lovell and William Anders are the earliest living recipients of Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" award, having been selected by the magazine for its 1968 issue
4kvRN TIL Coca-Cola’s slogan is “Real Magic.” Coke’s slogan has changed several times over the history of the company.