X0pPE TIL there’s a mountain in Wales called Cnicht—a Welsh transliteration of the English word “knight”—which has retained the original pronunciation of the English word, featuring no silent letters.
OG59e TIL that in the 17th century, tulip bulb futures became incredibly valuable in the Netherlands. At the peak of the craze, a single tulip bulb sold for the value of a nice house.
69B1Z TIL The Steve Wilkos Show is still on the air, and he's hosted almost as many episodes (2,964) as Jerry Springer hosted of his show (3,146)
woEyW TIL The Four Minute Men were American volunteers who gave propaganda speeches during the First World War. The speeches were four minutes long because they often spoke in movie theaters where it took four minutes to change film reels. Speakers also often modified the speech for the local audience.
R5pW6 TIL that the numerals that the majority of the world uses today were introduced from Béjaïa, Algeria to Europe via Italy through the Liber Abaci, a 13th century book written by Leonardo Fibonacci, who was introduced to them during his time in Béjaïa.
W7pX8 TIL that Barry Goldwater and some other senators sued Jimmy Carter over the normalization of relations with the People's Republic of China
9wv5m TIL no child has been poisoned by Halloween candy. Exception, one by a family member.
nWoyY TIL the microstate of Andorra gets visited by an amount of tourists equal to its population every three days on average.
4kKmw TIL that the volleyball move of setting and spiking emerged in the Philippines and was called ‘bomba’ or ‘Filipino bomb’
x6E7D TIL: Cats Can't Taste Sweetness
5VJ1R TIL that in the 17th century, tulip bulbs became incredibly valuable and were even traded on futures markets in the Netherlands. At the peak of the craze, some individual tulip bulbs were worth more than a house.
M7AG8 TIL Ray Chapman is the only baseball player to die directly from an injury received during a game. He was hit in the head by a pitch and died 12 hours later.