Eg457 TIL in 2002 Fentanyl was used to end the hostage crisis in the Moscow Theater
Y7BGd TIL Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton was taller than Michael Jordan.
Bgpwe TIL the most successful car heist in history was carried out by North Korea - they ordered 1000 Volvos from Sweden and simply did not pay them back
rNOnM TIL that North Korea has a social democratic party in its legislature
NXVY6 TIL Legendary Basketball Superstar Wilt Chamberlain claimed to had sex with over 20,000 women
l7BGa TIL that after The Washington Post was acquired in 2013, one of the proposed ideas was to install a feature that allowed a reader to remove the vowels from an article they didn't enjoy, the idea being that another reader would have to pay to reinstate the vowels.
8ev0b TIL Godfrey the Hunchback, (1076) was assassinated by a spy below his personal latrine with a spear… in the posterior
epBMg TIL The Satanic Temple has an after school Satan Club
P1MkZ TIL A lesbian rule was historically a flexible rule used to measure or reproduce irregular curves.
OGVEL TIL that the names of the Hogwarts Houses were first scribbled on the back of an Airplane Vomit Bag
X0OGX TIL Whitney Houston’s iconic National Anthem performance at the 1991 Super Bowl was lip synced. However the vocal track she used was recorded in a single take.
VBkGG TIL That the first recorded instance of photographs capturing and reproducing motion was Eadweard Muybridge's series of photographs of a running horse using a set of still cameras placed side by side