dDeJ8 TIL The 'Leap Day William' episode of 30 Rock was directed by Steve Buscemi.
KYZR6 TIL Amazon Japan first introduced Black Friday in 2019 by giving discounts on black-colored items
a8OoZ TIL a brinicle is formed when sea ice cracks and leaks saline water to the open ocean. The heavier-than-water brine sinks to the ocean floor while freezing the fresh water it comes in contact with, growing downward. A brinicle reaching the sea floor can catch creatures like sea urchins and starfish
Zp4EB TIL that the nations of Micronesia, Tuvalu, and Palau have no political parties, and are what are known as non-partisan democracies.
78nN7 TIL during the last year of his life Jim Morrison would drink 3 bottles of whiskey per day
kJxjm TIL US Federal Law does not require that companies give any breaks whatsoever to workers
Egrpw TIL in 2003 two Australian teens spent 22 hours in a tree above rising floodwaters after a crocodile killed their friend and showed off his body to them. The 13-foot crocodile then stalked them in their tree all night and most of the morning they were stuck there, before being rescued by helicopter.
Y7xYA TIL Hugh Hefner once played Willy Wonka by hiding “golden tickets” in 10 copies of Playboy magazine where the finder gets invited to party at the Mansion
Bg8ok TIL that my middle name means olive tree.
rN6Do TIL Gambling addicts get similar amounts of dopamine when they lose compared to winning
NXZ6J TIL Denise Richards and Neve Campbell shared a pitcher of margaritas together before filming their swimming pool kissing scene in Wild Things. It was the first time either of them had ever kissed another girl.
P1QXV TIL 19th century African-American baseball player Ulysses Franklin "Frank" Grant is credited with inventing shin guards after hostile white players slid spikes-first into black players.