nWr0B TIL Super Cute Tiny Harvest Mice Play in Tulips
4kOJo TIL In November 2018, American missionary John Allen Chau was killed by the Sentinelese, an uncontacted tribe in the Andaman Island chain in India, during an illegal expedition to the island, where Chau had intended to convert the tribe to Christianity.
x6vQ7 TIL Snoop Dog now owns Death Row Records, in a deal signed just before his Super Bowl LVI half time show in 2022. It was a sensational 90s hip hop label that released iconic albums by Dr Dre, Snoop Dog and 2Pac - and went through multiple owners like Hasbro and the Blackstone Group.
epeQk TIL about Salieri syndrome where people with it are often mildly talented people in larger organizations in a position to help you — but instead they undermine your success.
VB0vQ Today I learned that the only other animal species that generally prefers to have sex in private is a bird called the Arabian Babbler
X07Q6 TIL Elephants can’t jump. Unlike most mammals, the bones in elephant legs are all pointed downwards, which means they don't have the "spring" required to push off the ground.
OG0K6 TIL During an interview with Stephen Hawking, the camera operator accidentally pulled a cable, triggering an alarm. Worried, everyone rushed over to find Hawking giggling—it was just the office computer losing power.
69dD7 TIL:In 1916, a proposed Amendment to the US Constitution suggested subjecting all acts of war to a nationwide vote. Those who voted in favor would be required to enlist as volunteers in the US Army.
wo8bE TIL Galyn Susman was the individual who saved ‘TOY STORY 2’ by having a copy of the film at home after someone accidentally ran a command that deleted 90% of the film from Pixar’s files.
nWr0r TIL Norman Rockwell suffered from multiple personalities, including Rocky, who was abducted by aliens. Rockwell suffered from multiple psychotic breaks and created dark, sometimes blasphemous art that was never shown.
9wdn6 TIL Downtown Winnipeg had the same skyline for years since 1991 and it was rare to see a construction crane. Now the city is focusing on density and building taller skyscrapers; its tallest building, 300 Main, houses 1,500 residents
R501l TIL that there's a conspiracy theory that the US invaded Iraq due to Iraq having a stargate and being in contact with aliens