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TIL the musical "A Chorus Line" is based on true stories from Broadway dancers, and the character of Sheila was based on, and originally played by, Kelly Bishop (Lorelai's mother from Gilmore Girls). Furthermore, the story Sheila tells in the play about her father cheating on her mother was true.

Er4P TIL Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania during WWII, saved over 6000 lives by unlawfully issuing travel visas. When his consulate was being shut down and he had to evacuate, witness claim he was still writing visas and throwing them out the window as the train was pulling away.
9wZRD TIL that if the salt in the ocean was removed and spread evenly over the Earth’s land surface it would form a layer more than 500 feet (166 meters) thick, about the height of a 40-story office building.
kJorm TIL that after Sam Cooke sang "A Change is Gonna Come" on The Tonight Show (Feb 7, 1964), the network lost the only recording of the performance. Cooke elected never to perform it again in his lifetime (he was murdered in Dec of '64), due to the song's complexity and ominous nature.
ADljn TIL Australian Public Service leaders implemented a "blind recruitment" experiment removing all indications of gender and ethnic background on applications in order to increase diversity in the work place. It had the opposite effect, causing less women and minorities to be hired.
Z8ZLa TIL more land is used for opium in Afghanistan than is used for coca (the basis of cocaine) in all of Latin America