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TIL Japanese police are refusing to arrest a known serial killer of little girls because they want to avoid a scandal involving the execution of an innocent man convicted with a flawed DNA testing method

9Yplp TIL that when learning new phrases in a foreign language, hearing those phrases sung and then singing them has been shown to lead to better results than hearing them spoken normally and then repeating them the same way.
YpPYP TIL William Goldman, writer of 'The Princess Bride', wrote the screenplay for his two daughters, who were 7 and 4 at the time. He asked them what they wanted to be in the story, with one saying a princess and one being a bride. He told them "That'll be the title."
er05 TIL Jon Benjamin, voice actor know for Archer and Bob’s Burger has released a Jazz Album featuring him on piano despite having zero experience. Some of the tracks include “I Can’t Play Piano” and “Well, I Should Have..[Learned how to play Piano]”
MeRNm TIL if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs arrived just 30 seconds later, it would have landed in deep ocean water which would have absorbed much of the force of the impact. The resulting extinction would have been less severe, many dinosaur species would have survived, and humans would not exist
4wpR TIL that Ancient Roman politician Gaius Gracchus had a bounty placed on his head that was equivalent to his head’s weight in gold. The head was delivered, but the reward was never paid because it was discovered that his captor removed Gaius’ brain and filled his head with molten lead.