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TIL Michael Jackson had over 1,000 unreleased songs on a harddrive at home which Sony bought for 250 Million after he died.

Brk9x TIL that bebop legend Dizzy Gillespie ran for president in 1964. Though it started as a joke, he kept it up in part because proceeds from his campaign merchandise went to CORE, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
4A6w TIL during WW2, a German fighter ace noticed how a US B17 was too damaged to fight back, escorted it back to Britain, risking execution in the process. After the war, both pilots became best friends, whilst this event symbolised one of the greatest acts of chivalry in war
Z9Bv TIL that during the L.A. riots, police officers supported by Marines yelled “cover me” during a standoff. Due to their different training, the Marines then laid down heavy base of fire.
9jwr TIL that a cat once co-authored a physics paper. In 1975, a physicist had just finished writing a paper and was ready to publish but realized that he had used ‘we’ instead of 'I’ throughout, despite being the sole author. Not wanting to edit the paper, he listed his cat, Chester, as a co-author.
p8bRN TIL On August 23, 1942, 600 Italian cavalrymen charged a position of 2,000 Soviet soldiers near the Don River, slashing with sabers and throwing hand grenades. Despite heavy losses, the Italians managed to dislodge the Soviets. This would be the last major cavalry charge in military history.