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TIL that Joanne Barnaby was being stalked by a wolf in the forest when she came across a bear that was separated from her cub. Exhausted, she decided to stand between the bear and her cub in the hopes that the bear would find the wolf threatening. It did, attacking the wolf while she escaped.

4l1R TIL the name of the music genre in the Star Wars universe is called Jizz.
e0BpE TIL that Neil Armstrong Had to Go Through U.S. Customs after Returning from the Moon
Am4a TIL that famous physicist Richard Feynman’s second wife divorced him because he would do calculus “while lying in bed at night.”
5Yd5R TIL that 'The Incredibles' takes place in 1962.
N7e8J TIL that there is seaweed that tastes just like bacon and is twice as healthy as kale