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TIL The term “Romance languages” has nothing to do with being languages of love, but rather because they all descend from the same parent language- Latin, the language of the Romans. The English term “romance” descends from the French word for a particular Latin dialect called Romanicus.

PY5wn TIL, Andy Warhol made an adaptation of A Clockwork Orange in 1965. The film, "Vinyl", is about Victor, who spends his time lifting weights, dancing and torturing people before being arrested.
P1bmg TIL about the Mossdale Caverns tragedy. A party of ten went into it, and four of them left after three hours. When one of the four returned and found the entrance flooded, she alerted rescuers, but the water made entry impossible. Five were found dead the next day and the sixth the day after.
6ElEQ TIL the 13-star American flag attributed to Betsy Ross was just one of many designs that fit the Continental Congress’ resolution that the flag have “thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field”
5YvYD TIL Christine Chubbuck was an American television news reporter who was the first person to commit suicide live on television. Her death inspired the 1976 film Network.
rRKLx TIL the Burke & Wills expedition of 1860, Australia’s own Lewis & Clarke. Burke, Wills and 17 others set off to cross Australia South-North, from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria, a 3250km journey one way. Both men died. Only one, an Irish soldier named John King completed the journey back.