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TIL the world's largest war memorial is the Great Ocean Road in Australia. It stretches 243 kilometres along the west coast of Victoria between Torquay and Allansford. It was constructed by returned soldiers from the First World War

nWvQY TIL that if Disney execs had their way, Dead Poets Society would be called 'Sultans of Swing' and instead of learning about poetry, the boys would be 'passionate about dance'- with that plotline mostly focusing on Mr Keating's character
9dDG TIL Péter Zwack, escaped the Communists in 1948, was granted US entry just because he had the Zwack recipe for Unicum, the National Shot of Hungary. After 40 yrs went back, bought the factory from the State, became Hungarian Ambassador to the US. The State owned factory had been using a fake recipe.
xmRD TIL a Green Bay Packers fan who paid for game tickets by donating blood, had a rare, undiagnosed condition in which blood letting was the only treatment. Buying tickets continuously saved his life.
ZXDY TIL No, we’re not in danger of running out of helium, but once our reserves are depleted the cost of extracting it from natural gas will be so exorbitant that a single party balloon would likely cost anywhere from $100 to $170.
WkEE4 TIL the classic VW Beetle was produced in Mexico from 1955 until as late as 2003, where it was used as a taxi. The Mexican government effectively ended the Beetle's production because street gangs would often raid two-door cars as the passenger in the back couldn't escape.