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TIL that Scrabo Tower was built in Northern Ireland to honor land owner Charles Stewart the 3rd Marquess of Londonderry because of his kindness to his tenants and servants during the Potato Famine. His effort to ease their suffering was rare in 1840’s Ireland during the famine.

jQjN TIL the FBI used mail delivery robots in their field offices that navigated the buildings by using cells of black lights to follow an invisible fluorescent paint sprayed onto the carpet to designate its route.
VMyDB TIL: Sushi Parasites have increased by 238 times since 1970s according to the University of Washington. Scientists said this is likely due to humans recovering the seal, sea lion, and whale populations under Marine Mammal Protection Act which allows the parasites to fester.
DQgLY TIL because of the US Neutrality act at the start of WWII, the US delivered planes to the US-Canadian border and Britain pulled the across using horses or trucks.
d80x9 TIL 26 kids were found after being featured in the video for the song "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum in 1993. The version shown in Australia showed a number of young backpacking tourists. Several of them turned out to be victims of Ivan Milat, the Backpacker Murderer.
1anOd TIL that Spanish conquistadors in America didn't realize the true value and rarity of platinum and only cared about gold, but counterfeiters would use platinum to make fake gold and silver, so the Spaniards would dump any confiscated platinum into the sea to try and combat this forging problem