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TIL all of the house interior scenes in 'Home alone' were actually filmed inside the gymnasium of New Trier Township High School in Winnetka, Illinois.

OrP4 TIL Stephen Wolfram, creator of WolframAlpha, has kept every keystroke he has typed and every email for roughly the past 20 years in the hopes that he will be able to create an artificial intelligent program that will automatically respond to his emails.
E158w TIL Nicolas Cage was considered for the role of Randy "The Ram" Robinson in The Wrestler. When taken to a live event, he thought wrestling was real like UFC! In the end, the crew had a meeting where it was determined that Cage looked too healthy for the part, so the role went to Mickey Rourke.
ky4g TIL all figs are pollinated by wasps as they are basically inverted flowers and can’t be pollinated otherwise. If it’s a female plant the wasp can’t escape and the fig plant slowly digests the wasp’s body with enzymes. So all edible figs have a digested wasp in them.
YpNEW TIL in 1995 civil engineers warned the Sampoong Department Store in Seoul, S. Korea that structural failure was inevitable and it needed to be evacuated. They didn't close because it was so busy and it collapsed that day with 500+ people inside. One director left without warning his daughter in law.
rN6xx TIL that Melbourne, Australia has the largest Greek speaking population in the world outside of Greece and Cyprus. Melbourne is sometimes referred to as Greece’s ‘third city’ after Athens and Thessaloniki.