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TIL The radiomessage PAN-PAN is the international standard urgency signal that someone aboard a boat, ship, aircraft, or other vehicle uses to declare that they need help and that the situation is urgent, but does not pose an immediate danger to the vessel or anyone's life

78ZmP TIL the star ratings hotels advertise have requirements. They're independently measured based on what facilities guests can use, ranging from basic things like elevators to less common conveniences like a fitness center. The exact requirements vary some based on which body oversees the hotel.
0wW7y TIL about The Schreber Case: a paranoid schizophrenic man whose diary served as Freud's primary source to understand the condition. Schreber believed he was receiving cosmic rays through his anal glands by God in order to transform him into a woman so that he could herald and breed a new race.
5wK8 TIL that Valve never expected “the cake is a lie” joke to become as popular as it did. They expected a metal hoop that roles past the player during the ending cutscene named “Hoopy the Hoop” would become the most well known joke in Portal. Hoopy even reappears in Portal 2.
45GN TIL the belief that all raw vegetables are healthier is a misconception. A host of vegetables have nutritional content which only gets unlocked when cooked. Cooked carrots, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage, peppers are healthier than their raw counterparts.
9QZ7 TIL Rick Moranis ( Strange Brew, Ghostbusters, Spaceballs, Little Shop of Horrors, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) officially left the film industry in 1997 after his wife died of cancer to raise his children.