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TIL that NFL QB Terry Bradshaw had elbow surgery in 1983 and told the Steelers that he would be ready to play that year. Because of this, they didn't draft future HOF QB Dan Marino. Bradshaw only played one more game, reinjuring his elbow and retiring. The Steelers didn't win another SB for 26 years

Z84mR TIL about Air New Zealand flight 901, which provided sightseeing flyovers of Antarctica until it crashed into the side of Mount Erebus in November 1979. Most of the wreckage is still there, and can periodically be seen during warmer weather.
rQrM TIL: That The Netherlands has a defence system where they can turn the provinces of North and South Holland into an island by flooding any potential crossings into the province.
b958N TIL the Nazis were very close to developing plutonium, a material used to make atomic bombs. However, the factory producing it was bombed by a team of 11 Norwegian saboteurs, one of them stopping the operation to find his glasses at one point, completely destroying the equipment related.
J1w1m TIL The song we associate with circuses was originally composed as a Czech marching song for the Austin-Hungarian Empire. Originally titled “Entrance of the Gladiators,” when adapted to wind instruments, it became “Thunder and Blazes.”
Ypd7v TIL that During Cambodian genocide, the Khmer Rouge killed children of their prisoners by smashing their heads on a "Chankiri tree". Those soldiers laughed as they did it, since not laughing could indicate sympathy, making them targets, too.