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TIL of La Nueva Jerusalén, a community of fundamentalist catholic doomsday cultists that run a tiny Mexican town with fear. They ban members from having sex with exceptions, modern tech and are in conflict with the towns nonbelievers. In 2012, they gained notoriety for destroying a public school.

7rAPP TIL that Aubrey Plaza's character in Parks and Rec (April Ludgate) was written into the show only after the casting director met her and insisted she somehow be put in the show.
8a9l8 TIL actor Oliver Reed died during a break from shooting Gladiator after winning a drinking match with British sailors. He "drank eight pints of German lager, a dozen shots of rum, half a bottle of whiskey and a few shots of Hennessy" and beat five young sailors at arm wrestling before collapsing.
KVyw TIL astronaut Scott Kelly will become even younger than his twin elder brother (also an astronaut) Mark Kelly (born 6 minutes before Scott), by three milliseconds after the completion of his one year mission on the ISS
8adRb TIL that Ben-Hur, the book whose movie adaptation won a record 11 Oscars, was written by a Civil War general. He also ordered the arrest of Billy the Kid.
l76RN TIL: Timothy Dexter was an eccentric businessman known for his improbably successful investments. He was fooled to send bed warmers to the West Indies (hot), but sold them as ladles, he exported stray cats to the Caribbean who used them to kill rats, etc. He also told people his wife was a ghost.