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Space is not empty, nor is it silent. While technically a vacuum, space nonetheless contains energetic charged particles, governed by magnetic and electric fields, and it behaves, unlike anything we experience on Earth. In regions laced with magnetic fields, such as the space environment surrounding our planet, particles are continually tossed to and fro by the motion of various electromagnetic waves known as plasma waves. These plasma waves, like the roaring ocean surf, create a rhythmic cacophony that — with the right tools — we can hear across space.

OG0y4 TIL Donna Summer was the first choice to sing "Its Raining Men" but hated it because as a now born-again Christian, she thought it was blasphemous and sent the songwriters a Bible the next day.”
KYoaR TIL As part of a promotional campaign by Sega in the early 2000s, Fred Durst signed several Dreamcast consoles and battled other players in a UFC game. The campaign featured a magazine ad with a cartoon Fred Durst saying, "If you get your ass kicked, it's probably me on the other end of the line."
m10QP TIL of Arthur John Priest, “The unsinkable stoker”. He survived 4 sinkings including the RMS Titanic and the HMHS Britannic. He was also onboard the RMS Olympic when it collided with the HMS Hawke.
Y77BZ TIL that some spiders can survive drowning by going into a coma.
9YaWm TIL about Chris McCandless, AKA Alexander Supertramp, an intelligent young man who left his wealthy family to hitchhike after graduating college, donating his entire $25,000 in savings, and eventually ended up being found decomposing in a bus alone in Alaska