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TIL Height strips on convenience store doors were first used to help witnesses judge the height of a robber, but today they are used as psychological deterrents.

D5mY TIL that many countries have savings plans that amount to a “no-lose lottery”; interest is a bit lower, but large prizes are given out periodically. It is very successful at getting people to save their money, but is often illegal in N. America due to government monopolies on running lotteries.
p8x94 TIL that Former presidents of the United States are not allowed to drive a vehicle, except on private roads. They have to be accompanied by Secret Service and a driver for the rest of their lives. This measure was taken for security reasons following the assassination of JFK.
neZYY TIL astronomers use the Pleiades as a test pattern for telescopes. The Hawaiians used it as a marker for their new year and during this time there was a celebration where all wars were stopped and harvest was done. The Japanese name for this cluster is Subaru, which means “coming together as a team"
b67Xa TIL brussels sprouts used to have a bitter taste until breeders in the 90s started to cross-pollinate different varieties in order to remove the chemicals that caused the bitterness. The result of their work has lead to brussels sprouts's recent culinary popularity.
jNwxv TIL i learned there is a Restaurant/Cafe in London where you can eat Eggs, Bread and Porridge for free, with a Tea. Its a pay what you want concept and open for everyone. Everyone’s welcome, no matter if you are a City Broker or simply broke.