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TIL that in 2022 scientists researching life’s origins observed that rocks known as basaltic glasses (usually found where lava is quenched or where meteorite impacts cool) were able to spontaneously link individual RNA letters - nucleoside triphosphates, into RNA strands up to 300 letters long.

awLJA TIL of the ‘Megatherium’ or Giant ground sloth, one of the largest land mammals known to have existed, weighing up to 4 tons, and measuring up to 6 m (20 ft) in length from head to tail, as big as modern elephants.
8jpK TIL of John Barrier, after a bank teller refused to validate his 50 cent parking because he was dressed poorly, he withdrew his million dollars from his account and took it to the bank across the street
oBGlo TIL the reason snow is able to absorb sound is because it is porous. Snowflakes are six-sided crystals, and they are filled with open spaces.Those spaces absorb sound waves, creating a quieting effect over a blanket of snow.
woOX1 TIL Water can exist in three states at once, The triple point is when a substance exists as a solid, liquid, and gas simultaneously due to a specific temperature and pressure. It varies for different materials, with water's triple point being slightly above freezing and 0.006 atm.
PYRDg TIL that human thigh bones apparently make excellent weapons in close combat; Especially thigh bones, which were prized by New Guinean warriors as materials that would often be carved into exceptionally strong, fierce daggers.