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TIL that if you were to unravel all the DNA in your body and lay it out end to end, it would stretch an astonishing distance of 67 billion miles long. This is equivalent to completing round trips around the moon 150,000 times.

O0RX TIL when Stanley Kubrick took over the production of Spartacus cinematographer Russell Metty complained to producers that Kubrick was taking over his job. Kubrick’s response was to tell him to sit there and do nothing. Metty complied, and was awarded the Academy Award for his cinematography.
KeO6 TIL That in 1776 a lead statue of King George III located in Boston was torn down by revolutionaries. The lead from the statue was then melted down and cast into musket balls to be used against the British.
QJlke TIL with only four tables and six booths, Rao's is New York's most exclusive restaurant. There are no reservations, just table assignments, designated decades ago. When any of the original “owners” of those tables die, their families will often inherit the table.
g7PX TIL The ‘Door Close’ button in most elevators is actually just a placebo button. It only functions if pressed continuously, and is only meant to be used this way by firefighters and rescue personnel during emergencies.
woLl7 TIL In 1958 the French Army invaded Corsica and planned to attack Paris. There was a crisis in Algeria at the time and French generals wanted Charles de Gaulle to return to power to deal with the issue. The invasion of Paris was canceled when parliament invited de Gaulle to be Prime Minister again.