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TIL that when the French first arrived in North America they met the Ojibwe Indians who introduced them to other tribes but used nasty names. The Lakota/Dakota people were called "Nadowessiwag," which became Nadouessioux in French, then Sioux in English. It means "little snake."

wDO1 TIL That Pixar granted a wish from 10-year-old Colby Curtin to see UP before she died from cancer. A Pixar employee flew to the Curtin’s house with a DVD of the finished film and screened it for her and her family. Curtin died seven hours later at 9:20 pm, shortly after seeing the film.
neXj9 TIL Italy spent $50,000,000 bailing out the Parmesan cheese industry.
R7BEw TIL about Philipp Mainländer a philosopher who theorised that God committed suicide and his decaying corpse is the living universe, and since God was an infinite being the only way he could kill himself was to shatter his timeless being into a time-bound and material universe.
9ylG TIL the first African American person to hold an International Pilot License was Bessie Coleman, a woman who had to learn to fly in France when no one would agree to train her in the US. She was licensed two years before Amelia Earhart was
yQy7p TIL after Neil deGrasse Tyson tried to persuade rapper BoB that the Earth isn't flat, the rapper released a diss song against him called "Flatline" in which he expands his views on the Earth being flat.In response, Tyson and his rapper nephew responded with their own diss track titled "Flat to Fact"