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TIL That when the physicist Murray Gell-Man was applying for PhD programs, he was denied from both Princeton and Harvard. Forced to attend his backup choice of MIT, he was so distraught that he considered suicide.

eLLb TIL the song “Red Red Wine” was written by Neil Diamond in ‘67. The band UB40 covered it in '83 in a light reggae style and it reached #1 on the Billboard 100. Diamond has stated that it is one of his favorite covers and he often performs the song in the UB40 style instead of the original version.
gMAB4 TIL the book 'Five Feet Apart' is actually based on the screenplay of the film of the same name. The book was released a few months after the film's principal production started.
78AYM TIL The 65537-sided hexamyriapentachiliapentahectatriacontaheptagon is the largest known constructible polygon: that is, it can be constructed using a compass and an unmarked straightedge.
v4JK TIL that Michael Eakin, a PA court justice, has been criticized for writing his opinions as poems, such as “A deal is a deal, if fairly undertaken/and we find disclosure was fair and unshaken.” He believes that “You have an obligation as a judge to be right, but you have no obligation to be dull.”
wdbJ TIL When his boat sank off the Jamaican coast, Chris Blackwell - the producer who first discovered Bob Marley - was found near-death by some Rasta fishermen. They nursed him back to full health, forming a bond with their culture that became the basis for his famous investment in the island’s music.