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TIL that the architect Erno Goldfinger threatened to sue Ian Fleming over his name being used for the novel. Fleming responded that he might then, accidentally let the name slip to Goldprick here and there in the book.

Lkyk9 TIL that there is a 25 foot replica Statue of Liberty in the river outside of Harrisburg, PA. It was erected as a prank in 1986, and was originally made of Venetian blinds and plywood. A local lawyer admitted his role in the prank 25 years later, “well after the statute of limitations had expired.”
x081 TIL When helium is cooled to almost absolute zero, the lowest temperature possible, it becomes a liquid with surprising properties. It can flow against gravity and will start running up and over the lip of a glass container.
VMlVG TIL that besides 3 commonly known types of chocolate (e.g Dark, White, Milk) Swiss chocolatiers also recognise fourth type: Ruby. The chocolate's taste is described as "sweet yet sour", with "little to none" of the cocoa flavour traditionally associated with other varieties of chocolate.
dgxK TIL Australia has historical records dating back 10,000 that accurately convey the disappearance and reappearance of islands with the raising and lowering of ocean levels
PYrxw TIL when Julie Andrews received her damehood in 2000, Queen Elizabeth said to her that she’d ‘been waiting for this for a very long time.’ One of Julie Andrews’ earliest performances was at age 13, singing “God Save the King” before a then Princess Elizabeth.