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TIL the organization that administers the US Presidential Debates is co-owned by the GOP and DNC to avoid "tough" questions and limit third party candidates from participating. For decades, prior to 1988, the debates were administered by the League of Women Voters.

jN4ZX TIL During the Korean War, English-born John Koelsch was the first helicopter pilot awarded the Medal of Honor (posthumously) for volunteering to rescue a downed Marine without a fighter escort. He, his crew, and the pilot were all captured, yet Koelsch never broke despite dying in captivity.
N7b96 TIL: the Pre-Code Era of Hollywood when movies were not systematically censored by an oversight group. Along with featuring stronger female characters, these films examined female subject matters that would not be revisited until decades later in US films.
R7Xo4 TIL of Wendigo Psychosis, a psychiatric disorder found only in some native Canadian tribes. After periods of starvation, individuals believed that they were influenced by, or becoming a Wendigo (cannibalistic folk monster). Some individuals, instead of attempting to find food, actually ate people.
9YogB TIL The longest confirmed tank kill in history was recorded in 1991 when a British Challenger-1 tank with the callsign 11B fired at an Iraqi main battle tank from a distance of more than 5,100 meters – just above three miles – with a Depleted Uranium round.
ewYg TIL There is a place on the internet just for getting away from it all.