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TIL about a environmentalist who took a vow of silence for 17 years. He first started by taking a vow to never use motor vehicles after the 1971 San Francisco oil spill. He even went through school and even got a PHD while being silent. He only broke it when he played his banjo and thanked the crowd

ADex TIL the US-Canada border is the longest border in the world without a military defense.
py94 TIL: Randy Quaid (National Lampoon’s Cousin Eddy) is a wanted felon
4knGN TIL, According to legend, a round of Golf has 18 holes because there are 18 shots in a fifth of alcohol
vQWL TIL The Deadpool videogame cost more to make than Deadpool the movie - 100 Mn to 60Mn
5Pk9 TIL There’s a theme park in Japan where kids can experience adult life (working, banking, etc)