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TIL that opossums not only eat lots of deer ticks, but they are also resistant to venomous snake bites.

JYKR1 TIL, Danny Sugerman started a career in music at 12 years of age, opening fan mail for the Door's. After Jim Morrison's death he took over for their manager, following into Ray Manzarek's solo career. In addition to also managing Iggy Pop, he wrote 3 books about the Doors.
GAGKN TIL last year a shipment that contained "2,536 pre-filled syringes of vaginal tightening gel" was seized at an airport in Minnesota. Officials estimated the individually wrapped pink packages had a resale value of over $19,000.
b6p5a TIL a San Jose couple won in an auction a parcel of land in the most expensive part of San Francisco for $90K. They discovered the parcel was a private road and sidewalk to the homes of San Francisco's elite and it was up for auction because the neigborhood's HOA didn't pay taxes on it for 17 years.
v1AKK TIL Mark Twain wrote an anti-imperial response to Rudyard Kipling's 'The White Man's Burden' entitled 'To the Person Sitting in Darkness'. The essay is considered one of Twain's darkest and most sarcastic works, openly criticizing missionaries, profiteers, and the brutality of colonialism.
wo8WM TIL: Confederate General Patrick Cleburne proposed recruiting slaves to fight for them and granting their freedom as a reward, arguing this would strengthen the confederacy. The idea was quickly shot down after facing strong opposition from other confederate leaders.