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TIL former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas claimed that people acting on the orders of President Richard Nixon were trying to plant marijuana in his yard so that they could stage a televised raid and force him to retire from the court, with his replacement appointed by Nixon.

NX58J TIL Edward G. Robinson spoke seven languages and used atleast six of them to deliver anti-Nazi speeches from London during the Second World War. Additionally Robinson was the first movie star to entertain the troops in Normandy, crossing the channel less than a month after the invasion.
vPjKR TIL after the band The Sisters of Mercy split up, singer Andrew Eldritch heard his ex-bandmates were starting a new band called The Sisterhood. Eldritch secured legal rights to the name, and released a critically panned single the same day his ex-bandmates played their debut show. Both bands failed.
X0DrQ TIL Video game artist, Claire Hummel, observed fan-drawn porn of one of her characters, Lutece of BioShock; was so irritated by the anachronistic undergarments that she posted a guide on drawing time-accurate undergarments. She didn't discourage risque fan art as she herself had drawn lewd fanart
ND9E TIL except for the dutch all current european monarchs (Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK) are descendants of Queen Victoria and King Christian IX (Denmark). At the start of WW1 their grandchildren occupied the thrones of Germany, Russia, the UK and 5 other countries.
woPGP TIL that before the discovery of electricity, electric rays were called "torpedo", from Latin "torpidus" meaning 'numb' or 'paralysed'. Torpedoes as weapons were later named after these animals.