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TIL, in 2000, the April issue of the Romanian edition of Playboy magazine published an article titled 'How to Beat Your Wife Without Leaving Marks on Her Body' as an April Fool's joke. It backfired, and women's organizations in Romania spoke up in protest.

LkbEV TIL of Perpetua, a 3rd century martyr, by attack of wild animals. In the midst of the attacks, she would fix her dress and her hair to preserve her dignity. She eventually died by guiding the sword of a shaky soldier to her own neck.
gMxO9 TIL that Napoleon III of France, whose father fought the British (as part of the Seventh Coalition) in the Hundred Days War, is buried with his son, in Farnborough, England.
p8rK8 TIL about "Brazilian Schindler"; Souza Dantas, an ambassador from Brazil in nazi-occupied France in 1940's, risked his life giving visas to hundreds of jews and others. Against the will of the Brazilian government at the time, he saved around 800 people from certain death.
l77QN TIL the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) was invented by British retailer W H Smiths because they were moving to a computerized warehouse in 1967. It was approved as a ISO standard in 1970.
J1d0l TIL that in 1971 the Shah of Iran threw one of the most expensive parties in history, which spared no expense. It was attended by nearly all royal families, dignitaries and presidents. The example of over extravagance was ultimately used by the islamic revolutionaries to overthrow the Shah.