Zpydv TIL that the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had nothing to do with the sound of the car. Originally named after a powerful laxative, official of the race said no. So, an inocuous name was chosen. The name was slang for a military overnight pass, activities that followed.
78VDM TIL that the world's largest snowflake on record measured 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick. It fell in Fort Keogh, Montana in 1887 and was reported to be "larger than milk pans."
kJBL5 TIL Since 2018 all new cars sold in the United States and Canada have had to include a backup camera. The first mass production car to include a backup camera was the Toyota Soarer in 1991, though concept cars such as the 1956 Buick Centurion had the feature aswell.
rNWLd TIL in 1996, a 21-year-old man burst into a New Zealand radio station, took the manager hostage and demanded that Kermit the Frog's rendition of Rainbow Connection be played.
BgM4y TIL that, in movies, staccato music is used to indicate comedy because it imitates human laughter
EgYWo TIL Pigeons are able to take off vertically and accelerate to 100 kph in two seconds
Y7gKx TIL about William Duell, a criminal, who was hanged in 1740. His body was sent to be dissected for medical purposes. However, he started breathing and was revived by the staff. His sentence was commuted, and he was exiled to North America where he died at an old age.
NXG8b TIL that when former White House press secretary James Brady died in 2014, his death was ruled a homicide because it was ultimately caused by a gunshot wound he sustained in 1981, during the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan
l7XLK TIL 1 in 12 men are colorblind
P1LNg TIL that people who attempted suicide are statistically likely to have chronic inflammation (a faulty immune system response where you basically get sick for no reason all the time).
epVg6 TIL a special law in the UK was created to ensure that the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital will forever be able to collect royalties from stage performances, audiobooks, book releases, etc. of Peter Pan in the UK. This is the only work with an 'exception' to copyright laws.
8epgG TIL that Drew Carey refuses to ever submit himself for an Emmy Award nomination